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 Unit 9, 35 Apollo Drive, Rosedale, Auckland, New Zealand 0632

         0800 898585

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Baileys Staff Contact Info





Peter McEvoy  Ph: 099741770, E: 

Rowan Adolph  Ph: 099741773, E:

Simon Holloway  Ph: 099741771, E:

Rensia Van Wyk  Ph: 099741772, E:

Tom Hutton  Ph: 099741787, E:

Wendy Beardsmore (Claims Only)  Ph: 099741777, E:

Donna Meuli (Claims Only)  Ph: 099741788, E:

Ken Monk (Boats Only) Ph: 099741780, E:

Barb Smith (Accounts Only)  Ph: 099741783, E:

Carolyn Sherwen (House, Contents and Private Car Only)  Ph: 099741782, E:

Racheal Hollings (Boats Only)  Ph: 099741779, E:

Shane Weedon (House, Contents and Private Car Only)  Ph: 099741778, E:

Sandy Miles (House, Contents and Private Car Only)  Ph: 099741775, E:

Sue Wiggin  Ph: 099741774, E:

Susan Marriott  Ph: 099741776, E:

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