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trailer boat insurance

Whether cruising down the highway or navigating the open waters, owning a trailer boat comes with its share of thrills and responsibilities. Among these responsibilities is ensuring that your prized vessel is adequately protected. This is where trailer boat insurance comes into play, offering financial security in the face of unexpected events. 

If your boat isn’t covered by an insurance policy, then you may have heaps of different questions in your mind. Is boat insurance worth it? What does it do? How can you choose the right insurance provider? In this article, we’ll delve into the essentials of boat insurance and provide tips for selecting the right coverage for your needs.

What Is Trailer Boat Insurance?

This type of boat insurance is a specialised type of coverage designed to protect your boat, trailer and associated equipment against a range of risks while in transit or stored on land. Whether transporting your boat to a nearby lake or embarking on a coastal adventure, having the right insurance can safeguard your investment and provide financial protection in case of accidents.

Essentially, boat insurance is an extra layer of financial protection for your boat. Any maritime enthusiast will tell you that owning a boat is very rewarding, but it’s also a financial investment, and it comes with its own risks. From repairs to upgrades to standard upkeep, you’ll be putting money towards keeping your boat in good condition. If something bad happens to your boat, you may lose your significant investment in one fell swoop. Luckily, if you’re insured, you’ll have a safety net to fall back on.

As a responsible boat owner, it’s important that you take precautions to protect your prized possession. On top of maintaining your boat by having it serviced at least once a year, having insurance can provide you with protection and peace of mind.

Trailer boat insurance typically offers comprehensive coverage tailored to the unique needs of boat owners. Here are some key features to look for when selecting a policy:

  • Physical Damage Coverage: This component of boat insurance protects against damage to your boat and trailer caused by collisions, storms, vandalism or other damage sources. It typically covers the cost of boat repairs or replacement up to the policy’s limits. Remember that accidents often come when you least expect them, so preparing for the worst is a smart thing to do.
  • Liability Protection: Liability coverage is essential for boat owners, as it provides protection in case you’re found legally responsible for injuring someone or their property while operating your boat or towing it on land.
  • Theft and Vandalism Coverage: This trailer boat insurance coverage helps reimburse you for the price of repairing or replacing your boat and trailer if they are stolen or vandalised. It offers peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected against theft-related risks.

It’s important to note that your policy may cover more than this, so it’s vital that you thoroughly understand your potential insurance policy before you agree to anything. 

HelpfulTips For Selecting Your Boat Insurance Policy

When choosing trailer boat insurance, it’s essential to select a policy that meets your specific needs and provides adequate protection. Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision:

Assess Your Coverage Needs: Before purchasing insurance, carefully assess your coverage needs based on various factors such as the value of your boat, how often you use it and where you typically go with it. This will help you determine the appropriate level of coverage required to protect your investment. 

Review Policy Exclusions And Limits: Thoroughly review the terms, conditions, exclusions and coverage limits of each policy you’re considering. Pay attention to any restrictions on navigational limits, storage requirements and coverage for specialised equipment or accessories. It’s vital that you read all the fine print so you fully understand what you’re covered for. 

Protect Your Investment Today With Baileys Insurance

Insurance can really help you out if you get into any unfortunate accidents, so it’s better to find a great policy that works for you sooner rather than later. Remember that even if you take excellent care of your vessel and you always use it carefully, accidents can still happen. So, we at Baileys Insurance are here to provide you with trailer boat insurance that you can rely on.

To get started, all you need to do is call our team on 0800 898585 or use our contact page. Once we get in touch, we can discuss your unique needs. 

Baileys Insurance: Your go-to insurance provider for excellent coverage.

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Disclosure Statement - New Zealand Based Vessels

Please take the time to read this Disclosure Statement as it’s an important document. Once you have done that, please click on the “Read and Accepted” button to begin your quote.

Licence status and conditions

Baileys Insurance Ltd holds a financial advice provider licence, issued by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) to provide financial advice.  
Our Financial Markets Authority Reference Number is: CAS-75396-Y7R8M1 / NTF220538567.

Nature and scope of financial advice service

This website is an on line facility to purchase pleasure craft insurance for your recreational vessel. This does not provide quotations or advice on any other insurance product. The insurance policy here is underwritten by the marine division of Vero Insurance NZ Ltd. This facility does not provide any comparisons or quotations on any pleasure craft policies from other Insurers. The policy available here has been arranged based on our extensive experience in the marine insurance market. Key features and benefits unique to Baileys Insurance are highlighted in the full quotation provided. Once the policy is purchased, we provide expert assistance with any claims you may need to make. This on line system is set up for boat owners to obtain boat insurance. All of the policy information is available before you make your decision to purchase. If you have any questions or would like to discuss any aspect of the policy or coverage please call us on 0800 89 85 85. The on line facility is only used for new business. Your policy will be reviewed each year and a renewal offer will be sent to you prior to the policy expiring. You are free to turn down this offer. The on line facility can be cancelled at any time without any notice being given.

Fees, expenses or other amounts payable

We charge a policy fee to help cover administration costs.  The fee for trailer craft is NIL.  The fee for moored vessels is:
Up to $100,000 sum insured: $50.
Over $100,000 sum insured:  $75.
Any fee charged will be clearly shown on your invoice and is part of the total amount due.

Premium funding

Premium funding products enable you to pay the insurance premium over the term of your policy by instalments rather than as one amount. Premium funders charge interest and they take a power of attorney over your insurance policy, which means they have the ability to cancel your insurance policy if you fail to pay an instalment.  We own Baileys Premium Funding Ltd, a premium funding company.  Under certain circumstances this company may allow you to fund your premium allowing you to spread the payments over the term of your policy.  Additional charges apply, which will be clearly advised to you if we agree to you using this facility.

Commissions and incentives

Our remuneration is paid by Vero Insurance Ltd, by way of commission. The commission rate is 20% of the Company Premium shown on your invoice. We are also a member of Steadfast NZ Limited (Steadfast). Steadfast supplies technology platforms, management, marketing, professional, technical, and buying benefits and services to support us in providing our financial advice. Steadfast has arrangements with insurance companies under which Steadfast receives a professional services fee of up to 1.5% of the premium paid for each policy arranged by us with those insurers. These payments are used to operate Steadfast. We will receive a proportion of the professional services fee paid to Steadfast, being 35% of that fee. This will be paid to us by Steadfast at the end of each financial year.

We receive no other incentives or inducements.


If you are unhappy with this financial advice service, please contact us immediately so we can put things right.

If you wish to make a complaint, you can contact us as follows: 

  • Call us on 0800 89 85 85 between the hours of 8.30 am – 5.00 pm week days 
  • Email us at:
  • Write to us at:  P O Box 101-101 North Shore, Auckland 0745, addressing your letter to the attention of Peter McEvoy

How your Complaint will be handled

We will attempt to resolve any issue of dissatisfaction with you immediately.  We will send you an acknowledgement of your complaint within five working days of your complaint being notified to us.  This letter or email will provide you with our timeline to respond to you and the name of the person who will be managing our response.  We will investigate the circumstances and contact you to try to resolve the complaint to your satisfaction.  It is important that you provide us with all relevant information.

We will provide you with a written update within 20 working days of receiving your complaint.  If we are unable to provide a full response to you at that point, our letter will explain why we are not yet in a position to do so, and tell you when we will next contact you.  40 working days (maximum) after the receipt of your complaint we will issue a final resolution.  If we need to continue our review past this point, we will explain to you the reason for the delay and the required timeframe to provide a full response. At this point, if you feel that the delay is unsatisfactory, you can redirect your complaint to our external dispute resolution service provider detailed below. 

If we are unable to resolve your complaint

We expect that our response to you will have addressed the concerns you have raised. If you feel that your concerns have not been appropriately considered, we invite you to submit any further information for consideration.  If we are unable to resolve your complaint despite our best efforts, you can contact our external dispute resolution scheme, who provides a free and independent dispute resolution service.  The contact details for our external dispute resolution service provider are: 

Financial Services Complaints Limited

Contact details

Baileys Insurance Limited (FSP721031) is the Financial Advice Provider.  We can be contacted as follows:
Postal: P O Box 101 101 North Shore, Auckland 0745
Telephone: 09 4448860 or freephone 0800898585

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