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"The Insider's Guide to Business Insurance"

The Insider’s Guide to Business InsuranceThis guide is in plain English and has valuable tips you need to know including…

  • How to avoid the biggest problem with business insurance (See Page 5)
  • The two critical insurance questions every business owner should ask themselves. (See Page 6)
  • The shocking reason 80% of businesses fail and how to use the right ‘loss of profits insurance’ plan so it doesn’t happen to your business. (See page 7)
  • How to avoid your insurance broker ‘double dipping’ which could easily be costing you thousands of dollars a year that you should not have to pay. (See page 8)
  • How to avoid turning one liability into two with this common mistake in your liability insurance. (See page 9)
  • Six magic words that you should ask yourself every three months to avoid losing your business insurance cover. (See page 10)
  • The reasons that insurance companies hate paying out claims and how to make it easy to have your own claims paid out quickly with a minimum amount of stress and inconvenience. (See page 13)
  • And much more…

The Insider’s Guide to Business Insurance is super short and you can read it from cover to cover in around 20 minutes.

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"If I had my way, I would write the word ‘insure’ upon the door of  every cottage and upon the blotting book of every public man, because I am convinced, for sacrifices so small, families and  estates can be protected against catastrophes which would
otherwise smash them up forever."
Winston Churchill


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