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Business Insurance


Let's face it, business insurance is a complex issue.  How often have you heard a story of how someone's insurance cover didn’t perform as expected when it came to the crunch?  

Business insurance cannot be sold as a commodity item, and you cannot afford to only have one Insurer's opinion.  It is your cash machine;  your livelihood;  your baby.  It MUST be protected.  Properly.

Baileys take the time to really understand your business and the risks you face.  From large multi-national companies to a local retailer, we have the expertise needed.  Following our appointment as your Broker, we will complete an in depth analysis of your insurance portfolio, and how this fits with your business activity.  We'll make you aware of any gaps in cover, and these can be filled immediately, with your authority.  Based on our experience, there will be gaps!  Like the client we had with a building insured for $1.2m less than the actual replacement value.  Or the client who serviced large vessels, yet had a size limit of 8 metres under their liability policy.

Now we've got your cover right, at the following renewal we will, where needed, complete a full "re-market" of your insurance programme, through our trusted panel of Insurers.  This will ensure you have the most competitive premium and excess terms available.

So what we are saying is, let's get the cover right first, so when your insurance is really needed  it will perform as expected -  without any nasty hidden surprises.

Regrettably in our industry, reducing premiums can often be the only consideration.  And it doesn't work.

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