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Stay Afloat with Trusted Marine Insurance NZ

If you’re a boat owner, you know what it’s like….it’s a real passion.  Why else would you spend the amount of money you do for so little time actually using your boat?   Our marine insurance specialists share that passion with you.  They are enthusiastic, active boaties themselves, with considerable experience and success on the water and a love of boats.   As a consequence, we have the knowledge, desire and ability to provide you with market leading marine insurance.

Baileys have access to local markets, to ensure the right solution can be provided. From a 12 ft “tinny” around the Auckland Harbour to a multi-million dollar yacht, we can comfortably handle the insurance for most craft.

And importantly, we look at your options from a totally independent perspective.  We are not an “underwriting agency” or an “Insurance Company” who only have one policy to sell.  We pick the best option in the market for your situation from our trusted Insurers – all with an “A” or better financial strength rating.

Set sail with confidence by partnering with Baileys Insurance for your marine insurance NZ needs in New Zealand. Owning a boat, yacht, or any marine vessel comes with its unique challenges, and we provide access to top local insurers, ensuring you receive the best coverage options at competitive premiums.

Our marine insurance specialists share your passion for the sea and understand the unique risks of owning a watercraft. They have the knowledge and expertise to protect your vessel adequately, giving you peace of mind while enjoying the open waters.

As your reliable broker, we protect our clients’ independent interests. We are not tied to any specific insurance company or policy so we can choose the best option for your needs from a wide range of coverages and insurers.


Wave Goodbye to Worries with Boat Insurance NZ

Heading out to sea without the right insurance? That's a risk you don't want to take. Our Boat Insurance NZ offers strong protection against things like accidents, theft, and damage to others. Our boat insurance NZ services cover various eventualities, including accidental damage, theft, and third-party liability.

From a 12 ft "tinny" cruising around Auckland Harbour to a luxurious multi-million dollar yacht, we are equipped to manage commercial insurance for a wide variety of vessels with ease. Our wide range of boat insurance options gives everyone from weekend sailors to seasoned sea captains the peace of mind they need to fully enjoy their time on the water.

Moreover, the advantage of tapping into a broad network of insurers is invaluable. This ensures you're not settling for just any coverage, but securing the optimal one tailored to your specific needs. With access to diverse coverage options, competitive premium rates, and reliable claims services, the right insurance allows boat owners to navigate the waters with ease and assurance.

Get Reliable Moored Boat Insurance

Securing moored boat insurance is crucial for vessels docked or anchored in marinas, harbours, or other mooring spaces. This specialised insurance caters to the distinct risks moored boats face, such as weather-related damages, vandalism, and theft. Understanding the challenges of boat ownership, our policies provide comprehensive protection, covering the vessel and liability for accidents.

Baileys Insurance provides customised insurance solutions that consider the specifics of your mooring location, vessel type, and boating habits. Recognising that every boat owner has different needs, our aim is to offer a policy that is as unique as your boat. By tapping into our broad network of A-rated insurers, we ensure you get the most suitable coverage at the best possible rates.

Protect your moored boat with insurance that understands the intricacies of moored vessel ownership, including tailored options for small business insurance NZ. Enjoy your time on and off the water, knowing your investment is safeguarded against various risks. With our expert team behind you, rest assured that you can anchor with confidence and peace of mind.

Dependable Trailer Boat Insurance

Trailer boat insurance NZ is designed to give trailer boat owners comprehensive coverage, whether on the road or in the water. This tailored insurance solution addresses the unique challenges of towing and storing boats, including coverage for physical damage, liability, and theft.

At Baileys Insurance, we understand the lifestyle of trailer boat owners. Our experienced team provides various options for vessels of different sizes, makes, and models. Our approach is to understand the specific risks associated with trailer boats, including road accidents, damage during launching and retrieval, and vandalism when stored.

We connect you with policies that offer the coverage you need without unnecessary extras, ensuring you only pay for what matters to your situation. With our access to a wide network of insurers, we help trailer boat owners secure the best coverage at competitive rates.

Protect Your Marine Vessel Today

Baileys Insurance is passionate about protecting your marine vessel, from trailer boats to moored launches and yachts. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and connect them with the best marine insurance options.

Don't wait for an accident or mishap before securing your vessel. Contact our team today, and let us provide you with a customised quote that suits your specific needs. With Baileys Insurance by your side, you can confidently set sail, knowing your investment is protected. Get a free quote now and enjoy the waters without worry!

FAQs Who is not eligible for marine insurance with Baileys?

Most boat owners can receive marine insurance from Bailey's, except for those whose vessels are older than 50 years, currently insured by Nautical Insurance or Vero Marine, or registered outside New Zealand.

What information is needed to get a quote?

You'll need to provide specifics about your vessel such as its make, model, year, length, type, and estimated value. Information about your boating history and any past insurance claims is also required.

How do I file a claim with Baileys?

You can file a claim by contacting our customer service team via phone or email. We offer a streamlined claims process that includes an online form. Be ready to provide your policy number, a detailed account of the incident, and any pertinent documents.

What does Baileys marine insurance not cover?

Bailey's marine insurance does not cover normal wear and tear, damage caused by marine life or insects, or mechanical failures not caused by an insured peril. Additionally, boats used as permanent residences or for illegal activities are not covered.

How do I renew my marine insurance?

You will receive a renewal notice as your policy nears expiration. You can renew your policy by contacting us directly. It's a good idea to review your coverage annually to ensure it still meets your needs.

Can I adjust my coverage with Baileys during the policy term?

Yes, at Baileys, you can modify your coverage anytime during the policy term. Contact our team to discuss your current needs, and we will assist you in making any necessary adjustments to your policy.

What steps should I take if my boat is damaged or stolen?

First, report the theft or damage to the appropriate authorities if necessary, and then inform Baileys of the incident to initiate the claims process. Provide detailed information and any evidence that could support your claim, such as photos or official reports.

Unfortunately, we are unable to quote for your boat if it is aged 50 years or older.  We are also unable to quote if you are currently insured with Nautical Insurance, Vero Marine or if your boat is registered outside NZ.

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